What exactly is the Aquafria Touch Free?

The Aquafria Touch Free is a stand-alone, mains-fed chilled water dispenser which utilises sensor technology, allowing anyone to fill their bottle or cup without ever having to touch the machine.

How does the sensor technology work?

The user brings their finger to within 1.5cm of the indicator for either chilled or ambient temperature water. The machine fills the vessel; dispensing stops when the user takes their finger away.

What is nano silver protection and why is it important?

Nano silver protection is a surface coating applied during manufacturing to the machine's surface and also to the dispensing tap. It resists the proliferation of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, adding an additional layer of comfort and protection.

What is UV Out?

The UV Out feature is a light contained within the dispensing tap. UV light has been used for decades as a disinfecting technology. Recent studies have shown that UV-C light, in particular, is effective in killing coronaviruses.

Is UV light safe?

The UV light in the Aquafria Touch Free water dispenser is 100% safe. The light is encased within the dispensing mechanism, so it treats the water only. The light does not spill out of the machine.

What is the dispensing capacity of the unit?

The Aquafria Touch Free can dispense 15 litres an hour of chilled water, making it perfect for any standard office environment. There is no limit to the amount of ambient temperature water that can be dispensed.

Will I need to replace bottles of water?

No, this is a mains-fed system which uses charcoal filters to dispense purified water. Replacement bottles are not required, further reducing contact with the machine.

Does the machine need to be serviced?

Yes. Our technicians will need to call just twice a year to replace the filters and service the machine. In the unlikely event of a problem, we will call to your premises immediately to address any issues. All of our technicians are fully trained in Covid-19 compliance and we will work around the unique needs of your business when arranging our calls to ensure the safety of all.

Do I need a mains water connection point?

Yes. The Aquafria Touch Free is the ideal replacement for an old machine and it is compatible with all standard plumbing / connections. Installation is easy and our technician will connect the machine on delivery.

I don't have pre-existing connection points. Can I still get an Aquafria Touch Free?

Yes. Please give us a call and we will talk you through the process of getting your premises ready to install your machine.

Where is the Aquafria Touch Free manufactured?

The units are manufactured in Italy.

What does the Aquafria Touch Free cost?

The machines are supplied on a rental basis which covers installation and maintenance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will happily provide you with a quotation. A free trial can be arranged for any premises with a pre-existing connection point.

Who supplies the machines?

Aquafria Ltd. We are an Irish-owned company with over a decade's experience in supplying water dispensing products to the Irish market. We have an excellent track record of reliability and we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Do you supply other types of water dispensers?

The Aquafria Touch Free can be ordered with additional features. Hot water and sparkling water options can be added to cold and ambient water functions, which come as standard. We also supply a standard countertop machine that has proven very useful for companies that have had to expand their canteen facilities.